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Los Angeles and Ventura County | Unbundled Services | Limited Scope | Full Service Representation

At the law offices of Donald F. Conviser, we offer our clients a choice of Unbundled Legal services, Limited Scope Representation, and Full Service Representation in Los Angeles and Ventura cases.

Contemplating Divorce in Los Angeles | Ventura | Woodland Hills

The focus of our practice is exclusively on family law. We represent men and women who are contemplating or going through a divorce in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

We educate our clients about the issues they are facing, counsel them, and provide them the resources to empower them to be the masters rather than victims of their situations, and to get the best results in their cases.

Contact Donald F. Conviser at Warner Center Law Offices to learn how we can empower you.

“I am extremely happy with the outcome in my case. In this day and age, when attorneys are branded as cynical and callous, I am pleased to say that you bring dignity and integrity to the legal field. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of legal assistance. You have exceeded my expectations and have defined for me what legal representation should be. You are a ‘Top Gun’ in the family law field.” - DNC

Donald F. Conviser has practiced family law in Los Angeles and Ventura counties for over 40 years. He offers skilled, knowledgeable and effective representation in all divorce and family law practice areas:

  • Unbundled Legal Services: We provide you consultation services and assistance including advice, counseling, strategizing, document review or preparation, and other services, to suit your desires and needs, when you choose to represent yourself in your case and avoid the cost of ongoing legal representation.
  • Limited Scope Representation: We provide you legal representation in specific areas that you feel that you cannot effectively handle by yourself when you need expert assistance in those areas but wish to represent yourself in the balance of your case and minimize your litigation expenditures.
  • Full Service Representation:Domestic Violence We represent you in all aspects of your case from start to finish.
  • Family law – dissolution of marriage - divorce: We work tenaciously on behalf of our clients’ interests and always look for creative solutions to their family law and divorce problems.
  • Child custody - visitation: Depending on your objectives, we can fight for your right for custody, maximize your visitation time or pursue other options that are in the best interests of your children.
  • Child support: child support is determined by state guidelines which take into account each parent’s income and the parents’ time-share of their children. Modifications may be sought when circumstances change.
  • Spousal support – modifications: Temporary spousal support follows county guidelines. Trial or Permanent spousal support is based on many factors including the marital standard of living and the duration of the marriage. Modifications may be sought when circumstances change.
  • Property division: The division of assets and debts can be a complex and highly contentious matter. We know how to present the facts in your favor.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Anyone with significant assets or income who is contemplating marriage should have a prenuptial agreement prepared by a competent family law specialist. It can make a significant difference. Half of California marriages don’t work out.
  • Nonmarital dissolution: Individuals in a nonmarital relationship may have legal rights when their relationship ends. Consult a family law specialist to find out.
  • Establishing or contesting Paternity: We assist fathers or mothers in establishing paternity and obtaining child support, custody, visitation rights and attorney’s fees. We also assist claimed fathers in opposing wrongful paternity lawsuits and unreasonable child support demands.
  • Domestic Violence - Civil Harassment: Abusive relationships and domestic violence harm your physical or mental well-being. Being wrongfully accused of such abuse can be destructive to your life. Contact Donald F. Conviser to discuss your options and put an end to the abuse or false accusations.

Whatever your Family Law or Divorce concerns, Warner Center Law Offices’ Divorce and Family Law attorney, Donald F. Conviser, would be happy to discuss your matter with you. Contact us by phone at 818.880.8990 or 888.632.4447 or e-mail today.

Offering a Powerful, Efficient, Successful Approach to Divorce. E-mail us or Call 818.880.8990 or 888.632.4447 | Free telephone consultation.

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