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Los Angeles and Ventura County Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

At the Warner Center Law Offices of Donald F. Conviser, we empower men and women facing divorce or other family law issues to master their situation instead of becoming a victim of circumstance. Our unique approach has helped hundreds of people reach their objectives. Mr. Conviser is a Los Angeles and Ventura County Family Law and Divorce Lawyer with over 40 years of experience.

Unbundled Legal services Divorce and Family Law Attorney | Los Angeles | Ventura

Mr. Conviser has provided valuable assistance to many people as an Unbundled Legal Services Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles and Ventura cases. We offer "Unbundled Legal Services", comprising consultation, expert advice, document preparation, and other assistance to people who choose to represent themselves in their cases. If you need, or are served with an RFO (Request for Order, for such things as Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, or other relief), a Domestic Violence application, discovery (i.e., Interrogatories, Demand to Produce, Deposition Notice, etc.), if you need to perform discovery to obtain evidence for your case, or if you need to prepare for Trial in your case, we can assist you in strategizing, conceptualizing, drafting and filing and serving documents and responses, obtaining evidence, evaluating witnesses, and preparing testimony and cross-examination. Among other things, we can teach you how to authenticate and lay a foundation for admission of documents and evidence, what evidence is admissible and what evidence is not, and how best to make evidence admissible.

Limited Scope Family Law and Divorce Lawyer | Los Angeles | Ventura

As a Limited Scope Family Law and Divorce Lawyer, Mr. Conviser has assisted many people with cases in Los Angeles and Ventura in portions of their Divorce or Family Law cases in which they were unable to effectively represent themselves. We offer "Limited Scope Representation" to people who seek legal representation for only a portion of their cases, and choose to represent themselves for the balance of their cases. If you need, or are served with an RFO, a Domestic Violence application, or Notice of Trial, if you realize that you are inadequately equipped to effectively handle that matter by yourself, you can retain this firm on a Limited Scope basis to handle that aspect of your case for you, while you handle all the other aspects of your case.

Full Service Divorce and Family Law Attorney | Ventura | Los Angeles

Mr. Conviser has provided comprehensive legal assistance to many people as a full service divorce and family law attorney in the Courts of Ventura and Los Angeles. We offer "Full Service Representation" to people who want a lawyer to handle all aspects of the case from start to finish. We provide full-service representation to all clients who choose to be fully represented by our Family Law Attorney, DONALD F. CONVISER, who has the education, training, experience, creativity, drive, talent and skill to give you the confidence, professional service, and protection needed to achieve the best results in your case.

Serving clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties, we are have offices in the Warner Center business area of Woodland Hills and the Century City area of Los Angeles, California.

The Courts in which we represent divorce and family law clients include Van Nuys, San Fernando, Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Pomona and Torrance.

Offering a Powerful, Efficient, Successful Approach to Divorce
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Mastering the Divorce Process

If you are facing divorce, you need to learn how to master the divorce process. We counsel our clients to conceptualize divorce or family law as a goal with a set of rules to learn. We will work with you to identify and define your goals, teach you the rules and employ our innovative techniques to help you master the process and obtain your objective.

Warner Center Law Offices’ divorce and family law attorney, Donald F. Conviser, offers our clients support and counseling to help them master their situation. He teaches them how to be most effective in their cases.

Donald F. Conviser offers comprehensive legal counseling, providing our clients with reliable information and knowledgeable advice about the laws, rules and judicial officers involved in their cases.

We empower our clients to be the masters instead of the victims of the divorce or other family law situation in which they find themselves. We teach our clients how to master divorce.

We will answer your Divorce and Family Law Questions

Do you have questions or concerns about dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, paternity, nonmarital dissolution, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, adoption, prenuptial agreements, property division or any other aspect of family law? We will answer your Divorce and Family Law questions.

Warner Center Law Offices’ Attorney, Donald F. Conviser, is experienced in all aspects of family law. He has practiced family law in California for over 40 years.

"Don should be in the NFL hall of fame. He is the best defensive coordinator. He views the opposition and what the rulings will be and then gets you ready. He has already predicted the play and you are there to intercept and run it back for a touchdown." - SNP

"Donald Conviser has been an advocate with gladiator strength for me in the Los Angeles Superior Court. He works with fantastic vigor and stamina 24/7 and has an amazing depth and knowledge of his subject material. The presiding judge in my case repeatedly made references to the outstanding legal performance and counsel provided by Mr. Conviser." - MLG

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